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Possession of Class A drugs can result in 7 years in prison plus unlimited fine.

Possession with intent to supply can result in a Life sentence plus unlimited fine.

Ecstasy is a Class A drug, based on MDMA. However most Ecstasy pills contain very little MDMA, MDA or any other members of that chemical family- dealers invariably bulk out the pills and powder with a wide range of household and other products, many of which are not designed to be taken by humans. This has been reflected in the price drop- pills that used to cost 15-20 are now going for 2.50. Deaths while on E can be attributed to a wide range of causes- dehydration (not drinking enough water); drinking too much can also kill, because E affects how kidneys process liquid; allergic reaction to the drug or something that it has been cut with; heart failure and so on. Ecstasy is decreasing in popularity, and is no longer seen as the cool designer drug it was once promoted as.


Cocaine is growing in popularity due a decrease in price. However when drugs get cheaper it means they are being bulked out with other substances, so the dealer gets more money for the same amount of Cocaine. It is a Class A drug, very addictive and deaths by overdose can be common.


Crack is derived from Cocaine, which has been turned into freebase then treated to form little "rocks". It is more addictive than Cocaine, and it's effects last for a shorter period of time. It is smoked in either a joint or a pipe. Crack was blamed for a lot of the social problems in the USA from the late 1970s through due to its destructive and addictive nature. It is a Class A drug  and still relatively rare in Northern Ireland, although there has been some increase in usage.


Heroin (diamorphine) is an analgesic (painkiller) derived from Opium, which in turn comes from the poppy. It is a highly addictive Class A drug with a wide range of side effects. It is very easy to overdose on, particularly as users can never be sure of the purity of it- too pure heroin will kill a user. There are also other dangers, particularly associated with the use of needles such as infections and, if syringes are shared, the passing on of blood bourn diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis . Heroin can also kill because it affect the part of the brain that controls breathing and other vital functions meaning users can die from not being able to breathe. 


"Magic Mushrooms" is a term used to describe different types of fungus that can have hallucinogenic qualities- that is the users sees and/ or hears things that are not there or it affects how they perceive the world around them. They are Class A drugs and can be found growing naturally at certain times of the year. The biggest danger is picking the wrong type and being poisoned, since it is difficult to tell fungi apart. As with all hallucinogens there is also a very real possibility of triggering off mental health issues.



Methamphetamine is a very addictive Class A drug that is blamed for many social problems, particularly in the US. It is growing in popularity in the UK and Ireland, but it is still very much unknown. It is more addictive than crack and can cause many short and long term problems ranging from paranoia, mood swings and other mental health issues through to weight and tooth loss. While it can be manufactured with some simple ingredients and kitchen implements, it is highly volatile and can result in an explosion, and this has claimed lives. 


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