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Possession of a Class C drug can result in 2 years in prison and unlimited fine.

Possession with intent to supply can result in 14 years plus unlimited fine.


Anabolic steroids are often used by body builders and other sportspeople to cheat. They promote muscle growth, which develops strength faster but there are many side effects, some of which are fatal. Many famous body builders have died from heart attacks and strokes while still relatively young. Others have had to had major heart surgery over the past few years to try and repair the damage from abusing steroids- one former, very famous Mr Universe winner who starred in some of the biggest Hollywood films among them. Males can also develop some female body parts and females can take on some male characteristics and physical attribute through sustained steroid use. It is illegal, in the UK, to sell steroids. THESE SHOULD NOT BE CONFUSED WITH OTHER TYPES OF STEROIDS PRESCRIBED BY DOCTORS FOR VARIOUS AILMENTS INCLUDING ASTHMA- THEY ARE DIFFERENT AND ARE MEDICALLY SUPERVISED!








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