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Alcohol / Drugs Awareness Education Programmes for Teenagers
(normally 6 weeks duration)

The Programme can be delivered within the relevant Community or Organisationís base.

The methods used to deliver the programmes, include factual presentations and group discussions focusing on how Alcohol and other Drugs impact on the individual, health, family, peers and Communities.

Participants are asked to focus on the reasons why young people experiment with alcohol and other drugs. External factors such as peer pressure and media exposure are examined. Underlying issues such as being bullied or being depressed are also explored and the dangers of using alcohol or other drugs in these circumstances are highlighted, as well as potential situations they may face when out socialising, and how best to deal with these.

The importance of saying NO! and being able to stand up for oneís self and ones opinion is highlighted and sessions are also used to signpost young people towards a variety of help agencies.

On completion of the course a presentation night is held and  participants are awarded certificates which can go towards their records of achievements.

Gortalowry House Ltd., 94 Church St., Cookstown, Co. Tyrone BT80 8HX.
Tel: 028 8676 3388

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