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Alcohol has been estimated to be a factor in:

  • 25% of road deaths

  • 30% of drownings

  • 30% of murders

  • 33% of accidents in the home

  • at least 39% of deaths in fires

  • 40% of incidents of domestic violence

  • 44% of theft charges

  • 45% of wounding and assaults

  • 88% of criminal damage arrests

Drinking too much can be harmful, but there are also times when it's just not a good idea to drink at all, like:

  • before driving or operating machinery

  • when working with electrical equipment or on ladders

  • when on medication

  • when looking after children

  • when taking part in potentially risky activities such as swimming or other active sports.

Alcohol and Weight

Alcohol has quite a high calorie content - weight for weight the alcohol in your drink contains almost as many calories as fat.

  • A pint of average strength lager contains a total of 160 calories, so drinking four pints in an evening adds up to 640 calories

  • Three glasses of red wine adds up to nearly 300 calories

  • In comparison, a 25g bag of crisps contains about 130 calories

Drink Quantity Calories
Stout 1 pint 210 calories
Lager 1 pint 160 calories
Cider 1 pint 200 calories
Spirits 1 NI pub measure (35ml) 50 calories
Wine 1 small glass (125ml) 80-100 calories
Tonic (normal) 1 small bottle (150ml) 35 calories
Pure orange 1 small bottle (150ml) 65 calories
Coke (normal) 1 bottle (250ml) 100 calories
Lemonade (normal) 1 bottle (normal) 50 calories


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